Safe Deposit Boxes are available to rent at our Main Office and our Salem Office, providing a secure way to protect priceless and irreplaceable items such as Deeds, Titles, Birth Certificates, Photos and More. All Safe Deposit Boxes are dual control, so it always takes you and a bank employee to access your items. Start protecting your valuable items. Come in today to any of our Full Service Offices today to rent your Safe Deposit Box.

Annual Prices: 


Marion, Salem, Henderson

3x5 – Small $20.00

5x5 – Medium $30.00

3x10 – Large $40.00

5x10 – X-Large $50.00

10x10 – Jumbo $60.00


3x5 – Small $15.00

4x5 – Medium $18.00

5x10 – Large $20.00

10x10 – X-Large $30.00

Contents not FDIC insured.

Certificates of Deposit

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