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We value our customers, which is why we serve you with a skilled staff of Loan Officers that will work with you to achieve your lending needs. Contact a Loan Officer at any of our Full Service Offices for more information.

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Loan Officers


Lee Hobby NMLS ID 505222 - 

Jared Byford NMLS ID 505224 - 

Scott Belt NMLS ID 505225 - 


Brent Bugg NMLS ID 732731 -

Tyler Coleman NMLS ID 2367788 -


Matt Duncan NMLS ID 785446 -

John Hobby NMLS ID 785442 -


Steve Cox NMLS ID 456976 -

Katy McGlothlin NMLS ID 886299 -

Amber Chinn NMLS ID 935175 -


David Richey NMLS ID 684407 -

Dean Rowe NMLS ID 1824361 -

Kenny Brown NMLS ID 478176 -

Elisha Wiggins NMLS ID 684407 -


Chris Dennis NMLS ID 497690 - 

Josh Smith NMLS ID 2245018 -


Sandy Dant NMLS ID 500795 -

June Turner NMLS ID 1458145 -



Chris Hall NMLS ID 57912 -

Cathy Pillow NMLS ID 502494 -

Beth Waltrip NMLS ID 1134301 -

Stacy Haynes NMLS ID 1962131 -

Kailee Hollis NMLS ID 2183821 -

Gabriel Fillman NMLS ID 2364949 -

We Offer Many Types of Loans, Including:

  • Home Loans (Adjustable and Fixed Rate Loans)
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Farm Real Estate Loans
  • Farm Operating Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Operating Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Automobile Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Letters of Credit


When your car breaks down, you choose a reliable mechanic. When you are sick, you choose a trusted medical professional, and when you are ready to purchase your home, we want you to feel confident that you are choosing the most dependable bank in your area. At Farmers Bank and Trust Company, we have a qualified loan department with willing and experienced employees who work together as a team to make your mortgage process effortless and relaxed. We look forward to helping make your dreams a reality. Contact one of our Loan Officers at any Full Service location for more information.


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